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Optimizing cloud deployment: Startup founders gain insights at Blue InCube Venture’s event

In today’s fast-paced startup world, navigating the complexities of cloud deployment can be daunting. Founders must ensure that their startup data is secure, manage costs, and as much as possible, achieve optimal performance for their applications.  

Peter sharing Blue InCube Ventures venture building experience
Peter, CEO & Partner, Blue InCube Ventures

To address these concerns, Blue InCube Ventures, a venture builder hosted an afternoon session to empower startups with the knowledge and tools to optimize their cloud deployment for growth. The event brought deep tech founders, cloud experts and venture builders for a session filled with valuable insights and networking opportunities. 

Key takeaways from the speakers:

  • Peter Tan, CEO & Partner of Blue InCube Ventures, shared his venture building experience and snippets of the success from their own portfolio. This provided valuable context for startups embarking on their own journeys.

  • Richy Wang, Amazon Web Services, delved into AWS Cloud Financial Management (CFM). He highlighted how CFM helps startups achieve cost optimization through strategies such as value- driven architecture design, eliminating cloud waste, leveraging new cloud offerings (e.g., Savings Plans, AWS Graviton Processor), and accurate future workload cost estimation.

  • Wan Ling, eCloudvalley showcased their ATLAS Cloud Management Platform. Built on machine learning algorithms, this platform helps startups rapidly deploy their cloud architecture, monitor resources, optimize performance, and reduce costs. 

Richy, AWS & Wan Ling, eCloudvalley sharing their expertise on how to optimize cloud deployment
Richy, AWS and Wan Ling, eCloudvalley sharing tips on maximizing cloud deployment

The Venture Builder Advantage: 

This informative and engaging event was organized by Blue InCube Ventures under the ongoing series ‘From Concept to Launch: The Venture Building Event Series’. Blue InCube Ventures is a boutique venture builder with over 30 years in building B2B businesses in logistics, healthcare, material science, built environment, robotics, argitech and cleantech. We work with founders to discover, collaborate and scale a sustainable business together. 

Interested in learning more about Blue InCube Venture’s upcoming events and how we can help your startup thrive? Follow Blue InCube Ventures on LinkedIn. Stay connected for future event updates, industry insights, and valuable resources for your entrepreneurial journey.


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