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Discover. Collaborate. Scale.

Building a sustainable business together.

Seeds, growing from seed, growing a startup

As venture builders we are focused on creating, nurturing and investing in B2B businesses. We identify customer needs, find optimal product- market fit, and scale startups to new heights from the early-stages to Series A or B.

What we do ?

(and uncover)

We uncover not just problems, but opportunities. It is about discovering the subtle nuances that spark innovation.


A shared table for ideas, a playground for diverse perspectives. No jargon, just a genuine exchange to find and validate the optimal product-market fit. 


Scaling isn’t just about expansion; it’s about amplifying impact. It’s about building for lasting impact.

Our changemakers

Zuno Carbon
AiTreat Robotics
Natural Trace
Factorem, Manufacturing on- demand

SEEDS Capital is a co-investment partner of Blue InCube Ventures


As the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore, SEEDS Capital catalyses smart investments into innovative Singapore-based early-stage startups with strong intellectual content and global market potential. We adopt a co-investment model, working hand in hand with institutional investors from around the world. 

Talk to us

We are open for ideas. Whether you've identified a problem that needs solving or are deeply passionate about an idea, don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Robotics, advanced manufacturing
DNA Chips, health tech

Thank you for your submission! 

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