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Natural Trace develops world's first patented DNA-based food-grade tag

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

In celebration of World Food Safety Day, Natural Trace proudly unveils its global headquarters in Singapore, dedicating itself to addressing global food safety, compliance, and integrity issues.

Founded by scientists and angel investors Dr. Chantal Roth from Switzerland and Prof. Lukas Muller from New York, Natural Trace draws inspiration from PCR testing to introduce NaturalTag, the world's first patented supply chain traceability solution. This breakthrough technology traces individual batches of any food product, contributing to safer and more sustainable food production and consumption.

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NaturalTag employs natural, FDA-approved, food-grade DNA, added in minimal amounts as powder or liquid to products and ingredients. Unlike conventional traceability solutions such as blockchain, barcodes, and serial numbers, NaturalTag is an in-product tag solution. It allows growers and companies to trace every ingredient in every product throughout the entire supply chain.

With minimal quantities of NaturalTag microbial identifiers, each containing a unique DNA sequence, the technology generates a traceability report capturing the origination information of each ingredient in a food product. Stored in Natural Trace's cloud solution, this tamper-proof system enables companies and growers to authenticate the origin of every single ingredient in a food product.

Singapore, with its vibrant food innovation and R&D ecosystem, serves as the ideal location for Natural Trace's global headquarters. “Natural Trace is already working with NUS on product testing with potential food ingredients from early adopters, and we are pleased to be venture building over the last year with the team,” said Mr. CL Goh from Blue InCube Ventures, one of Natural Trace’s early Singapore-based angel investors.

Having successfully raised seed funding to kickstart operations in Singapore, Natural Trace is currently in the process of raising US$3 million for its expansion. Dr. Alex Wild, an angel investor and mentor to the company, emphasizes Natural Trace's role in addressing global food safety concerns, stating, "Our goal is to ensure food safety standards with transparency throughout the production process, from farm to fork. This World Food Safety Day marks the beginning of our quest, and we have exciting developments planned for the next 12 months."

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