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Why Us

As venture builders we are focused on creating, nurturing and investing in B2B businesses.

Build trust is at the core of BICV's  value



We understand that a startup journey is challenging, filled with ups and downs. At Blue InCube (BIC), we build relationships founded on trust with our founders. Our seasoned mentors and advisors are committed to providing invaluable guidance, sharing their insights and helping you navigate the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship. With BIC, you're not just a project, you're a venture that we nurture with personalised mentorship, ensuring you have the support you need to thrive.



We don't sit on the sidelines, we roll up our sleeves and work hand-in-hand with founders to validate the problem and solution. From ideation to implementation, the Blue InCube team becomes an extension of yours, bringing expertise and collaborative spirit to the table.

Together we make things happen
Discover the network you never knew



In a competitive and uncertain future, success hinges the ability to find your first customers and establishing a foothold in the market. The robust network at Blue InCube becomes your strategic advantage. We facilitate introductions, open doors, and assist in the critical phase of finding your first customers. 

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