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The Art of Venture Building with Goh Chew Lam, Venture Builder at Blue InCube.

Updated: Jan 9


In a recent podcast with Dr Ramesh, Goh Chew Lam, Venture Builder and Managing Partner at Blue InCube decoded the DNA of successful startups.

The top #5 takeaways from this podcast are:

  1. Entrepreneurial Mindset Matters: Understanding the mindset of successful founders is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs. CL emphasises qualities such as resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of goals.

  2. Investor Insights: How do you present your startup as an attractive investment opportunity? Discover the investor's perspective, the qualities they look for in founders and businesses.

  3. The Wisdom of Starting Early and Embracing Failure: Tapping on his mother's wisdom, CL highlights the notion that early setbacks and lessons learnt from failure can lead to later triumphs in both business and life.

  4. Qualities of Successful Founders: From passion and vision to the ability to pivot and adapt, CL sheds light on the qualities that set apart thriving entrepreneurs.

  5. Personal Insights on Thriving in Life: CL Goh shares the value of prioritising essential life elements such as health, warm connections with family and friends, and finding joy in simple yet precious experiences.

Tune in here for the full podcast.

Host: Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra, Author, Podcast Host, Founder of Talent Leadership Crucible & Founder of Impact Velocity

Guest Speaker:Goh Chew Lam (CL), Venture Builder and Managing Partner of Blue InCube Ventures, CEO & Co-founder of Natural Trace


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