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World’s first precise soft tissue therapeutic treatment robot powering new generation of treatment clinics and wellness centers.

Created from Suitable Technologies and Blue Ocean Robotics to offer the leading Beam telepresence robots with superior mobility, security and collaboration preferred by Fortune 500 companies and many private and public organizations

UVD stands for UV Disinfection Robots utilizing the effects of high intensity light sources to eradicate harmful pathogens and superbugs making healthcare environments safer and improving the quality of care for hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world.


Claritas’ proprietary software Inspection Platform leverages the latest in imaging technologies and mature A.I. analytics to generate comprehensive, fast and accurate assessments of building facade conditions and defects for building owners, facility managers, and the authorities.

A drone applications company based in Bielefeld, Germany, with years of experience in virtually all applications, scenarios and parts of the world. Third Element Aviation provides complete, drone-based application packages, from initial consulting to after-sales services.


At the nexus of Security and Technology, SER’s intelligent Security Robots offer security services providers the ability to project a dynamic security presence round-the-clock and unparalleled situation awareness enabled by advanced sensors and A.I. analytics.

part of Blue Ocean Robotics Group - Working with healthcare organisations offering the state-of-the-art robotics technologies for Patient Transfer and Rehabilitation applications.

Developer of CloudNAV – one of the world’s first plug-and-play cloud-based engine that allows robots to perform autonomous navigation without the need for additional hardware overheads

the team behind world's first AI-powered robotic solution for automatic build-up and break down of aviation cargo pallets comprising of CargoEye, CargoMind and CargoArm.

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