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UVD Robots® with headquarters in Odense, Denmark, is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics that develop, produce and sell professional service robots for humans. UVD Robots® stands for UV Disinfection Robots – and that is what we develop. We utilize the effects of high intensity light sources to think disruptive robot technology in ways that improve work environment, patient safety levels and operational efficiency for customers. UVD Robots has a global dominance with more than 75% of the world market of autonomous mobile UV-C disinfection robots - also known as the second generation UV-C systems.

As a division of Blue Ocean Robotics, the GoBe Robots telepresence technology enables easy, efficient and safe connection with peers all over the world.

Created from Suitable Technologies and Blue Ocean Robotics to offer the leading Beam telepresence robots with superior mobility, security and collaboration preferred by Fortune 500 companies and many private and public organizations.

A drone applications company based in Bielefeld, Germany, with years of experience in virtually all applications, scenarios and parts of the world. Third Element Aviation provides complete, drone-based application packages, from initial consulting to after-sales services.

JLK Technology is a leading equipment manufacturer with strong engineering, and over 600 staff with presence in Singapore and China. JLK provides scalability for Blue InCube portfolio companies.

Blue Ocean Robotics Denmark is a leading innovator of robotics solutions. Blue InCube Business provide sales acceleration in SE Asia for Blue Ocean Robotics portfolios (UVD robots, GoBe Telepresence robots etc).

AStar Innovation Factory support from the ideation stage to the design and engineering stage for companies to venture into higher value markets. The Innovation Factory is supported  by more than 500 researchers and scientists in SIMTech and ARTC. Blue InCube partners Innovation Factory to provide initial ideation and resources for POC and POV during venture building.

Some of our networks of innovators, industry domain experts and robotics OEMs.

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